The new way of reading the web

Actually, it’s not new at all. But for those of you that haven’t started using this strange thing called RSS this is the best introduction i have seen. I have tried to explain something about feed readers and stuff here at eirikso before, but all you need to get started is this video.

Yes. And you can see the RSS symbol up there besides the “Subscribe“-link. Still, if you simply want to use your email inbox you can subscribe to my email update and other services here.

And by the way. Some feed readers and email clients don’t show embedded videos. So if you’re reading this in a feed reader or email you might have to click thorugh to read the article on You know, the old way…


The new way of reading the web

5 thoughts on “The new way of reading the web

  1. I’m giving lot’s of courses to Norwegian journalists on rss, among other things. Normally people either don’t see the point or get hooked.

    The point I want to stress, is how rss changes the way websites and users handle content. Where as a trad website is very one way, rss feeds facilitate sharing and crowdsourcing. This is (or at least should) change the way news outlets handle their content. A good example of this is mentioned in a recent post on Poynter’s Emedia Tidbits Blog:Serendipity and Feed Syndication: Michigan’s Echo

    Personally I’ve gone from software based readers (RssBandit) to web based. First Bloglines now Google Reader, because I find it easier to use and quicker, and because it has better sharing functionality. Have not tried the new Bloglines in beta. What are your experiences with that?


  2. eirikso says:

    Very interesting article! Thanks.

    Regarding news readers I have done the exact same thing. Started with RssBandit, went to Bloglines and now I use Google Reader. Unfortunately I haven’t tried the new Bloglines either so I can’t give you any info on that one. Guess I’ll have to try it.

    In Google Reader I miss a proper search function (this is Google, damnit). And better social features. “Give me articles from my subscriptions that other people have marked as important” etc…

    And by the way. I’ve also used Netvibes for a long time, but tend to end up spending my time in Google Reader.

  3. Played around with netvibes a bit too, but found that when I was done tweaking and customizing the page, the fun was over. After some days I ended up with switching my start page back to Good point about the lack of search and social features, but I like the tag function and share funtion a lot. Nice for keeping people posted, i.e. in a newsroom reporters with special beats can share out the most important stories in their area etc.

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