The long tail of images

Swiss train interior

I just received this mail from Flickr:

Recent activity on your photos
Swiss train interior
peteer01 says:
Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Photos taken in trains, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

I love the long tail. And to make people happy I just had to upload this one as well.

London train

Thanks to Mr. Superlasten for letting me try his 8 mm russian super wide angle lens.

Mr. Happygolucky ups the ante with decorated domestic animals. Loooooong tail. Very long.

The long tail of images

5 thoughts on “The long tail of images

  1. eirikso says:

    8mm. Yes. Wiiiiiiide! On a full size camera like the 5D it’s a fisheye. On my 400D the crop factor is 1.6 so you won’t get the fisheye look. But it’s a difficult lens. You get your own feet in the shot no matter show you compose…

    Mr. Happygolucky has had the pleasure of testing that lens as well. Giving him some spectacular shots of the kiting action at Hardangervidda this winter:
    Stone Plant Session

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