Idiots. Complete idiots.

Bob the Millionaire 10

It’s old news but I can’t resist commenting on it. NBC leaves iTunes. Michael Gartenberg puts it right:

Sometimes I think God put video content guys on the planet to make the music guys look progressive and visionary.

iLounge sums up:

Let me explain something to you, because you don’t seem to understand it already. Your TV shows are available every day, every week, and every month of the year for free. They fly through the air (and travel through cables) at no a la carte charge to customers. There was also this thing called a VCR, which more recently has been replaced by something much better called a PVR (personal video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder), which people can rent from any cable or satellite company, or buy for their TVs or computers. These devices record your free TV shows and let people watch them later. With only a few button presses, people can now even record an entire season of your shows automatically and watch it whenever they want. For free.

And my more than two year old comic just got even more relevant!

NBC, why don’t you get it? This move is so lame that I will get offended the next time someone shorten my current employer, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation slightly wrong and call it the NBC (even internationally we use the Norwegian abbreviation “NRK”). I used to find it amusing when people did that mistake.

The internet is here to stay. It has already changed the rules. Can we go on now?

Bob the Millionaire 11

Relevant article: 5½ lessons that legitimate retailers can learn from pirates

(Via NRKbeta)

Idiots. Complete idiots.

This is not kitsch

Or, to be honest, I should be careful of defining good and bad taste regarding photography. Maybe I simply should say: “I like this image”. A lady promoting a theater in Berlin. Snapped at the right moment.

And if that HDR method tend to add slightly too much of an artificial effect this image didn’t pass through without some photoshopping either. A little cropping. Some unsharp mask. Removing some colours. Fixing the burned out white fur. Making her eye slightly more blue… Here’s the original:

Canon 400D, Canon 70-200 f4 L IS @ 200mm

And if you want to know more about kitsch. Wikipedia to the rescue.

This is not kitsch

The long tail of images

Swiss train interior

I just received this mail from Flickr:

Recent activity on your photos
Swiss train interior
peteer01 says:
Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Photos taken in trains, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

I love the long tail. And to make people happy I just had to upload this one as well.

London train

Thanks to Mr. Superlasten for letting me try his 8 mm russian super wide angle lens.

Mr. Happygolucky ups the ante with decorated domestic animals. Loooooong tail. Very long.

The long tail of images