Facebook hangover

(Image from the Blogres 07 party in Ljubljana.)

All these possibilities for publishing and instant shopping leads to a whole lot of new types of hangover. Stuff you shouldn’t do when returning from a party. And stuff you regret that you did during a party. Time for a quick roundup.

iTunes hangover
When your laptop ended up as the preferred jukebox at the party. People didn’t like your music collection and you clearly said “yeeeeeeeees!” when they asked if it was okay to buy some tracks in the iTunes store.

You wake up the day after and are not very happy with:
1. The amount of money spent on music the day before
2. The quality of the new music in your iTunes library

SMS hangover
When you check your outgoing messages from last night. And the time stamp on those messages.

MMS hangover
The angry big brother of SMS hangover. It is never smart to enhance those late night messages with images and, even worse – video.

Email hangover
For the people that has this stupid idea of just checking the email when returning from a party.

Facebook hangover
There are insane amounts of pitfalls when checking your Facebook profile at 0430 AM.

Flickr hangover
Worse than MMS hangover. Better quality images is not a good idea.

YouTube hangover
Even worse than Flickr hangover.

Blog hangover
The worst one. Especially when combined with Flickr hangover and YouTube hangover. And remember. Your mother reads your blog.

del.icio.us hangover
The geeky one. Never tag the sites you surf when returning from a party in your official del.icio.us stream.

Amazon hangover
No. You don’t need that book.

Threadless hangover
No. You will never wear that T-shirt.

eBay hangover
OMG. Endless possibilities. You really, really don’t need your neighbor’s garbage.

I’m not going to cross post everything I do here on eirikso.com in Norwegian over at NRKbeta, but this one made it’s way in there as well. And we’re already in for some new ones from Thordur:

Feed hangover
When you have 12 500 unread messages in your reader because you accidently connected your twitter account with your tumblr, jaiku and second brain account into an endless feedback loop.

Friend request hangover
The bad version of Facebook hangover. When you suddenly decide to let the different social networks do automatic friend requests based on your mail account.

And I guess my readers as always have something to add? Or some good examples…


Facebook hangover

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