Romantic images sell

I post the image above to one of my galleries on SmugMug. Then I get this comment:

Hey, redo the picture and you’ll have a heart shaped sky! Do you see it? If you would crop out upper half of the picture and turn it 180 degrees, you would have a heart. and you know…. romantic images sell!

And seconds later I’ve done some cropping and rotation in Aperture and this one is up there as well.

Haven’t sold it yet, but I can see all kinds of embarrassing metaphors popping up. “Look up and you’ll find love”. Blah. Blah. I’ll let you know if someone buys it.

The interesting thing here is how the community steps in and gives valuable advice. Just because they can.

Romantic images sell

6 thoughts on “Romantic images sell

  1. Fantastic. Point a 10mm super wide angle to the sky in a forest and suddenly you have everything from the Playboy rabbit to a romantic heart. And I didn’t see anything but a sky and some trees when I shot it.

  2. andorand says:

    Really looking forward to seeing either of these with a Helen Keller quote spread all over it in a syrupy typeface. dzzzz

  3. andorand says:

    Strange nobody made a Helen Keller Quote generator with random Keller quotes atop random flickr pictures. Killer app! Mark my words.

    Find the best quote here:

    And the best font here:

    May I suggest:
    No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.
    Helen Keller

    In ITC Grimshaw hand

    Then add some general MIDI New Age music: Your shot finally comes to its right.

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