Invites to Medioh!


I am currently trying out a video aggregation service called Medioh. And I have a couple of invites for the people that would like to try it out. The only thing I ask for is that after you get the invite you test the service and give me some feedback on what you think. I must admit that I am not really impressed yet, but have only given the site a couple of minutes.

And how do you get the invite? Post a comment here asking for one. Use the email you want the invite sent to when posting the comment. Emails are not published and I will never spam you.

Medioh gives you a possibility of searching for and subscribing to videos across the web. Not tied to only one site. You find more information about Medioh here.

Invites to Medioh!

12 thoughts on “Invites to Medioh!

  1. Invite on it’s way. And just to clarify: I am not involved in the development of Medioh. I just happened to recieve a couple of invites. And I find the service interesting because I am working within the media industry.

    That’s why I find it interesting to hear you opinions as well.

  2. Hi, I am not sure I understood what it is exactly but if you reckon it could be interesting to test for a public speaking coach then I’ll like to be invited.


  3. @Paolo:
    Actually, I didn’t get it completely myself either. That’s why I found it interesting if more people test it and give me some feedback. The system is an aggregation service for video and stuff like that is always interesting for me because I work with video distribution.

    Maybe there’s something important about the service I don’t get? And maybe some of you can tell me that this is fantastic and why?

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