How to make that cardboard ‘hood’ for the DIY bokeh effect

Earlier this year I posted an article about how to make your own “bokeh” in your images. People have asked me for details about the cardboard “hood” I’ve been using.

So I decided to simply tear it apart and put it together in front of my video camera. Three minutes and fifty seconds later. And there you are. A nice tutorial on how this was put together.
DIY bokeh from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Direct link to the video file.

How to make that cardboard ‘hood’ for the DIY bokeh effect

9 thoughts on “How to make that cardboard ‘hood’ for the DIY bokeh effect

  1. You said it yourself: a nice tutorial, thank you for making it!

    If you find yourself short of things to do one day, you may consider doing some selective speeding-up of the less information carrying bits, like attaching the bits of tape etc. Common trick in how-to’s from and the like.

  2. Thanks for the video tutorial!
    I must admit that before trying it I couldn’t figure how the “thing” you mount before the lens would not be visible.
    I made mine, I’ve tried it. It works, but I still can’t figure out why it does not appear on the picture when it is on the lens.

    And one more little thing that I would love to have an answer on: I have used a star shape for my custom bokeh, but sometimes on some of the bokeh, you can not see the entire star, it is cut.
    You can see this here:

  3. It’s not showing in the image because it’s so utterly out of focus. (Actually, it is showing, but only in form of some vinnetting – darker corners).

    I’ve also seen the effect of some of the shape being cut off. I don’t know why this happens.

  4. question:D says:

    Very interesting your tutorial :D. After I make this cardbooard hood, I take a photo.. and that’s all? do I get my bokeh? Or before taking the photo.. shold I set up something?
    Thank you

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