Of course I won’t sue Mitch Joel! :-)

Off course I won't sue Mitch Joel!  :-)

Actually, I am honored by the fact that Mitch Joel used my image of Avinash Kaushik in his presentation at Gulltaggen in Oslo today.

I use a lot of CC-images myself and I find it very hard to know exactly how to credit people. In the image? At the end of the presentation?

For this image I had burned in a tiny piece of credit at the bottom. And I feel that I don’t ask for much when I share my images with an attribution-share alike license. I even allow for commercial use. The only thing I ask for in return is some kind of credit. And with the burn-in I kind of suggest how I want that credit for this image…

Not a big deal, but Mitch Joel is an extremely smart guy that just did a very good presentation that I really enjoyed.

And if I wanted to discuss CC and how to credit people I found this to be a good oportunity to do so with a clever person… Personally I find credits inside the presentation distracting. Still, I want to give the artists the honor they deserve. How should we solve this?

And who knows, maybe there was some credits in there somewhere?

As I’ve tried to emphasize in the title and the beginning of this article: I’m completely fine with the fact that Mitch has used my image. And he informs me in the comments here that he has an ending slide with credits. That’s fine. And it’s a solution that I often use myself. I just wanted to start a discussion because I’m not completely sure how to solve this myself when I am presenting. What kind of credit do you expect us to put in?

(Yes, I know. I have been close to suing people for stuff like this before. But that was not a CC image. And it was a completely different use…)

Of course I won’t sue Mitch Joel! :-)

6 thoughts on “Of course I won’t sue Mitch Joel! :-)

  1. To me it’s hard to accept that they took the burn-in. I would sue for that, or at least demand an apology and effort to promote your photography (Which they used royalty free).

  2. Hey there… I do have a slide at the end with all of the places I have taken the photos from/credits (at least those that were not my own)… if that is not enough, please accept this an an apology and I’m happy to not use it – I have many others of Avinash (he’s a friend).

    You know where to find me if you would like to discuss or if you would like to continue the conversation.

  3. As I say in the title, and in the first sentence: of course I won’t sue and it’s an honor that you use my image! So please keep it in there.

    And for me an ending slide with credits is enough. And it’s something I often do myself. Because of the fact that credits in the slides are distracting.

    I just wanted to spark a discussion. What do other people think? And, is it wrong use of the CC license to sum up credits at the end? Probably not.

    If you have a look at my recent images on Flickr I have removed the credit burn-in. Because I think it destroys the image.

  4. Hedda Lloyd-Roennevig says:

    I research for print and then it’s never really a problem (picture captions, credit list in the prelims, or endmatter), but I would just like to add here that there is no point in suing, really. Did some work for Getty Images a few yrs back and it’s really hard to settle disputes re images that have been nicked from somewhere. Having said that, it’s in breach of the CC licensing agreement and I would certainly ask for some form of compensation.

  5. Hedda Lloyd-Roennevig says:

    Just noticed that he did credit you at the end somewhere…I have to say that I think what he did was okay, then!

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