X468 Traveller quad

Just finished my build. It flies like it’s on rails. With plenty of power. And it’s silent and nearly vibration free.


It folds in the best possible way so that it is easy to carry in a bag or suitcase.

I’ll post videos later.

A video and a story about how I got rid of vibrations.

It carries my GoPro with clear jello-free images. But I still need to do some work on the smallest vibrations if I want to film with my Canon S100.

X468 Traveller Quad

T-Motors 2216 900KV

Turnigy Plush 25A

Flight Controllers:
Dji Naza
OpenPilot CopterControl
(Testing both)

Power Distribution:
100A from GLB

250 mm carbon from GLB

Motor mounts:
Alu from GLB

Graupner 9×5 and Gaui 8×4.5

Mounting of the round arms done with parts of a square alu rod from GLB.

Landing gear is made of parts from Kites and fun things.
4 – APA Type “B” Leading Edge Connectors
60″ .25″ fiberglass or carbon tube
6 – Stand off holders – Size Medium

Futaba 8U running FrSky 2.4 GHz

X468 Traveller quad

10 thoughts on “X468 Traveller quad

  1. Roughly $500,- + flight controller. And that would add approx $250,- if you want the Naza. So, $750,- in total.

    But much cheaper if you buy cheaper motors (they’re $50,- each) and cheaper props (they’re $10,- each). It flies perfectly well with a $15,- KK controller or maybe a $99,- Rabbit.

  2. Rune Slinning says:

    Hei, jeg følger prosjektene dine med stor interesse. Jeg har planer om å bygge meg en Quadcopter. Jeg ønsker å bygge meg et copter som er sterkt nok til løfte mit GoPro kamera. Jeg har en 7 kanaler Hi-Tec radio som jeg ønsker å bruke. Ser du har bygd et som ser ut som kommer fra et kit (X468) og et som er homebrew. Hva anbefaler du å starte med? Fint om du kan dele part listen og hvir du har handlet delene fra.

  3. Cammys says:

    Hi, i’m a student currently undergoing a college project to design a R/C Quadcopter for use by sheep farmers, i am just wondering how much flight time you get out of your quad copter with the camera equipment attached?

    Many Thanks 🙂

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