Best videogame ever

Did a quick test during easter. Mounted my FPV equipment on a 1/10-scale RC car and had some fun. Lots of fun!

This was roughly what I saw in the goggles. (No, not that quality, this is a HD recording from the GoPro on the car.)

FPV what?

FPV is “first person view”. The art of mounting a camera and a video transmitter on remote controlled equipment. Then you sit down with some video goggles and the remote control. And drive the car based on the video feed. It gives you an amazing feeling of sitting inside the vehicle you are controlling. Like a video game. But in real life.

Fun when controlling RC planes and helicopters. But also fun (and much safer) when controlling RC cars!


Camera, Goggles, Transmitter, and OSD

Best videogame ever

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