Best use of the Apple Watch ever

Finally I found a way to use the Apple Watch


Motors: SunnySky 2212-13 980KV II
ESC: Afro 30A SimonK
Flight Controller (FC): In the video it was a Naze 32, after I added the camera I changed to The BrainFPV because of the nice OSD that is built in.
Propellers: 9 inch
Battery: 4S 2650 mAh
Stick length: 330 mm

Apple Watch Copter in the making
Apple Watch Copter in the making
Best use of the Apple Watch ever

18 thoughts on “Best use of the Apple Watch ever

  1. My name’s Matt and I work at a company called Fullscreen. We may have TV opportunities for your video “Best way to use the Apple Watch,” Get back to me at matt.posada (at) fullscreen (dot) com. Thanks!

  2. Hi Erik!

    I’m from Brazil and I am writing my Course Conclusion Work in Visual Arts, and the work talks about the teaching of photography in schools. I admire a lot your work and I used the “One year in one image” photomontage for exemple in a activity that talks about manipulation in photograph. For that, I need to know the year when you were born, for matters of norm writtings. Could you please give me this information? I can’t find it anywhere.

    Thank you for your attention!

    João Vitor Ferreira.

  3. Daniel Schröter says:

    Hello Sir Solheim,
    we are an Architecture Office from Swizzerland.
    I found a Picture of a Whaterfall in the web which I like to use in one of our projects.
    I Think you are the owner or photographer.
    Would it be possible to become the original pic?
    Please contact us.

    Wetter&Schröter GmbH
    chasa cumünala
    7535 Valchava

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