Remove annoying audio from toys and appliances

Recently we bought a new bread baking machine. The kind of device that you program in the evening so that it makes your bread during the night while you sleep.


But our new Wilfa BM-25s had one huge design flaw. To indicate the point where you can add extra ingredients in the baking cycle the Wilfa engineers found it appropriate to use a screaming loud beeper. Beeping 20 times or something. Even when placing the machine far away from where we sleep it woke us up during the night. And, it’s not possible to turn it off.

So I decided the Wilfa needed some circuit bending. Yeah, voiding the warranty.

Fortunately it was very easy to open. And I could see the beeper right away. I did some tests and ended up using a 1.8 kohm resistor to decrease the audio level. Making the machine going from screaming loud to a subtle beep.


The only thing you have to do is to locate the beeper, use a soldering iron to remove it and place the resistor on one of the pins.


And here’s the result.

Using a resistance to lower audio from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

The video simply shows the result. I short cut the resistor with a pair of pliers to show the original audio and remove it to show the very subtle and low audio after the resistor was added.

You can use the same method on most annoying toys and devices.

Messing with high voltage equipment can be dangerous. And messing with equipment in general will void the warranty and you can end up destroying it. I take no responsibility if you destroy your equipment or yourself…

Remove annoying audio from toys and appliances