A nice place to work in Stavanger

I do quite a bit of traveling and I am dependent on a way to work while on the road. Thanks to a 3G/Edge USB-stick for my MacBook I have some kind of internet connection most places. But I really prefer WLAN. And because I usually empty the battery of my MacBook on the plane/train/bus-ride to my destination I also like to find a spot with a power outlet.

And if you find yourself in Stavanger, Norway at some point I have a spot for you. First of all: Stavanger is pretty well covered with free public WLAN. Good city! And among all the nice restaurants and cafes I found a nice spot at “Godt Brød”:

Nice place to work

Godt Brød Stavanger AS avd Utsalg
Sølvberggata 9
4006 Stavanger
Tel: +47 51844080

The table by the door. Covered well by the free public WIFI. A power outlet near by. Good coffee, good food. Well, with a couple of minutes off while traveling I don’t need more than that.

A nice place to work in Stavanger