How to install the Exhibit plugin in WordPress 1.5 on Dreamhost

It is a completely and utterly fantastic plugin for WordPress. It makes it extremely easy to upload pictures, make thumbnails, downscale and watermark. All from the standard WordPress web GUI in a very user friendly system.

It took some time before I could find the controls in the WEB-gui. I had to apply a fix for the way DreamHost run PHP. What you do is:

For Exhibit, you might find this useful (a user[1] contribution to Dreamhost’s really quite useful[2] KnowledgeBase)

In exhibit10.php, there is a block of code near the very beginning (line 46) that says:



Remove that whole block and replace it with:


Before I found that, I couldn’t get Exhibit to appear in the admin interface

[1] Not me – found it after much head-scratching and googling
[2] Understatement – it’s an excellent resource for DH users

In addition to this you have to do a fix for WordPress 1.5:

In the file “exhibit10.php”, around line 130, you should find this line:

$this->tableexhibit = $table_prefix . $this->exhibit_db_table;

I replaced this line with this:

$this->tableexhibit = “wp_exhibit”;

I found these fixes here:
And here:

The thumbnails at the top of this post are inserted using the Exhibit plugin.

How to install the Exhibit plugin in WordPress 1.5 on Dreamhost

4 thoughts on “How to install the Exhibit plugin in WordPress 1.5 on Dreamhost

  1. […] IImage Browser This plugin adds an “IImage Browser” button to the Quicktags area which opens an image browser to select from all previously uploaded images and add the appropriate code to the post. Yes, I have tested Exhibit and Photopress but I like IImage Browser because you have the possibility of setting thumbnail size in the GUI when uploading. […]

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