Le Mangevins in Toulouse

©2005 Svein Aronsen

On a visit to Toulouse in 2002 I sent a SMS to a friend of mine, Aslak Hellesøy. He has been living in Toulouse, and I asked for a place to eat. He recommended Le Mangevins.

We reserved a table, and that evening we had a dinner to remember. The atmosphere in this place is very special. Look out for the crazy and extremely talented cook running his “spectacle” at some point during the evening. In addition to the special adventure of just visiting the place you will get a truly excellent meal.

I know that restaurants can change very fast, but I still recomended the place for my boss when he set of for Toulouse in february this year. He was not disappointed! He also managed to snap a picture of the fantastic cook and actually get a short video clip of the “spectacle”.

©2005 Svein Aronsen ©2005 Svein Aronsen

Le Mangevins
Adresse : 46, rue du Pharaon
Telephone : +33 (0)5 61 52 79 16

Videoclip of the “spectacle”:
(You will need QuickTime or mpegAble to play the file)

Video of the spectacle
(Right-click and download)

Picture and video copyright Svein Aronsen

Le Mangevins in Toulouse

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