The pathway to Doom?

These pictures are not modified in any way.

One very strange door in Pezenas
While visiting the city of Pezenas in the southern France I discovered this strange door.

So, what is this?

1. Someone trying to make their door look more impressive than it actually is
2. An architect eating magic mushrooms
3. Made on basis of blueprints from a very buggy 3D software
4. My digital camera eating magic mushrooms
5. This is actually the pathway to Doom 12 (to be released in 2012)

I have no idea. Of course it makes me wonder what’s inside. Comments please…

I can see that a quite busy site in Hungary called has linked to this article. Cool! The problem is that I can not understand anything of all the comments about my pictures over at Please throw a comment here in english if any of you actually find some information on why this door was built like this…

Following a tip from one of the comments below I have contacted the tourist board of Pezenas. They have promised to send me information through the good old postal mail. I will make a new article here on my blog when the information arrives.

Check back, or even better:
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The pathway to Doom?

19 thoughts on “The pathway to Doom?

  1. Deniz.K says:

    Well. Sorry for my bad eng but take a look at the door… It seems to be same angel even if u take from other angel. Modified picture i guess or??? A hint is took look at the both picture where child are looking into door and sitting down in front of door… Diffrence angel but same angel on door.. That freaky

  2. The pictures are not modified in any way. I took the pictures myself because the door looked even more spooky in real life.

    It is designed with that really weird perspective!

  3. Deniz.K says:

    Hmm that really strange is that angel on door exist on real life… Why dont some1 knock on the door and se if some1 live there??? I would if I saw that kind of door ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. translator says:

    Szanalmas means pathetic. Visited frequently by larvae. It’s just a pathetic site ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Some comments translated (excuse my English):

    A bit mortar,
    A bit lime,
    Bricklayers are not bright.

    They need no layout either – see the pics for example.
    So, what is this?
    2. An architect eating magic mushrooms

    spoofs you virtually
    Built very strange. Interesting gate, good photo, much unnecessary hype.
    I guess there’s something like this in the Cathedral (Bazilika???) of Eger (a nice town in Hungary,
    Very funny, I’m from Eger. AFAIK, there isn’t anything like this in the Cathedral – at least not on the outside, maybe inside (not visiting it often), in the crypt.
    Opening stargate, maybe wormhole.
    This is a century-old blog.
    The drunken mason sent a message, that he blacked out/broke up with ripping. (???)

  5. “translator”:
    Thank you very much! I have still no clue about why this door was designed like this, but I have learned that there is a very nice city in Hungary called Eger. Strange doors or not strange doors. At some point I’ll have to visit Eger!

  6. Kekec says:

    Someone on said that this must be with connection of the baroque era. Architecture based on one viewpoint.

    It would be interesting to know which is the point from the gate is visually perfect. If you take a photo from that point, all other buildings will be skewed, but the gate.

    I hope it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good photos, BTW.

  7. If I were you Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd make a try here:

    Good idea. I have sent them a message and will of course post here if I get an answer.

    It would be interesting to know which is the point from the gate is visually perfect. If you take a photo from that point, all other buildings will be skewed, but the gate.

    Fantastic idea! Should have thought of that while I was visiting Pezenas. It will be a bit expensive to go all the way from Norway to snap some more pictures…

    If anyone out there live in or near Pezenas, please try to snap a picture like that and comment here!

  8. fgm says:

    Dear Edit!

    Of course it is not a work of an architect on a mushroom. (although they can be quite psychedelic, just look at the Opera of Sydney…) It is made this way to create an optic illusion of a much bigger doorway than it actually is. If you would have been on the other side of the door, when you made this picture, while it only 50 cm deep judging by picture, it would look like protruding from the wall very deeply into the street…

    This kind of illusions were very common in the mature renaissance, and in the baroque, since the -then newly rediscovered- laws of perspective were a common source of amusement, and decoration. Actually, this kind of distorting the architecture, to misled the eye was even practiced by ancient greeks, in the building of the Parthenon.

    A very good example of this practice is the Theatro Olympico, designed by Palladio in Vicenza, Italy:
    As you see in the middle of the picture there is what is seem to be a little steep street, while it is actually a two or three meters deep facade, which is only enjoyable from the very center of the auditorium.

    So to cut a long story short: this door was made by order of man who did not have enough money to build a big house, but did have enough to build one which looks like big. Well, from a certain vantage point, that is.


  9. Thank you very much! Now I have a lot more information on the subject. And, as expected, my theory number one:

    1. Someone trying to make their door look more impressive than it actually is

    …was the closest. Must admit that I did not have high expectations for the other suggestions… ๐Ÿ™‚

    The internet is a cool place. All sorts of intelligent and friendly people hanging around. Thanks again.

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