The similarity of cars and computers

On my quest to build the perfect home theatre PC I have stumbled upon several interesting areas of perfection. And on my way, one thing suddenly became very clear: there are two quite obvious similarities between cars and computers.

1. Trimming cars and overclocking computers.
The art of making something go faster without actually buying a bigger engine or processor.


2. Styling cars and modding computers
The art of adding huge amounts of stuff that is supposed to make something look better.

In addition to this, you have some not so obvious similarities:
3. The fanatic and passionate Alfa Romeo owner and the fanatic and passionate Apple owner
4. The idealistic electric car owner and the idealistic linux user
5. The safety freak driving a Volvo and the safety freak running two hardware and three software firewalls

More suggestions? Comments are welcome!

The similarity of cars and computers

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