13 thoughts on “Help, I have been totally flabbergasted

  1. Koen says:

    http://www.flabber.nl translation:

    “Ever realised that it is possible that everything which is ever to appear on television can be calculated? Every new episode of GTST (dutch soap), so you can irritate your girlfriend by spoiling the surprise. Every episode of Topgear if you have a boyfriend. Well, it is possivle. In theory that is… Check out this piece of braintissue.”

  2. seweso says:

    My english isn’t that good but i will try to translate the flabber article:

    Ever wondered whether it is posible to calculate everything which will ever by shown on tv? Every episode of GTST (a dutch soap), so you can annoy your girlfriend by spoiling it again and again. Every episode of Top Gear so they can get you back. Well you can, in theory that is. Check out these ramblings.

  3. Flabber.nl is a dutch Entertainment network, with a blog, forum, stories, games, babes…etc. Something for everyone. And yes it`s pretty big, with around 500,000 to up to a million pageviews a day.
    Feel free to roam around. And if your dutch` a bit rusty, just click the pics 😉

  4. Backstab says:

    Took a quick look at BoingBoing and i guess it’s more or less the same. Only flabber focusses on publishing funny things, not really those things you can see on BoingBoing (as far as i saw)

  5. Okay. Thanks for your info. My Dutch is at the level of a person that only speaks Norwegian, English and a bit of German. Actually, that means I can understand a tiny amount of written Dutch. Some of the words are similar to Norwegian and some of them similar to English…

  6. And by the way, this is what Babelfish translates the post on flabber.nl into:

    Ever sometimes at stood still that it is possible all that what there ever on TV could come can be calculated? Each new delivery of GTST, so that you can irritate yourself girlfriend by each time at spoileren. Each delivery of top Gear that opposite to bring about. Nou, that is possible therefore. In theory, then. This bit verifies breinweefsel.

  7. And yet another translation:

    # flabberaar Says:
    June 15th, 2005 at 9:36 pm e

    the text on the flabber site =
    Did you never stand still by thinking that there is a possibility that everyting on television can be calculated? Every new episode of a soap, to irritate your girlfriend by ’spoilering’. Every episode of Top Gear backwards. Well it is possible (only in theory) check this piece of mastermind

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