Blogging directly from a paraglider

Blogging just reached a new height. Gunhild Sørensen of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation just did a spectacular ride in a paraglider. All the way she posted directly to the blog at the Norwegian Broadcasting Coropration’s web site. The site is in Norwegian, but the pictures speak for themselves…

From the blog:
“Now we are going to do some 360s. Øyvind (the instructor) asks me to hold tight to my mobile. This involves some serious G-forces”

She is using a Nokia 6630 mobile and sends her messages and pictures to a blog powered by Easy Moblog.

Blogging directly from a paraglider

9 thoughts on “Blogging directly from a paraglider

  1. Yes, I know. The page slug for this post says “/blogging-directly-from-a-parachute/”.

    While drafting this article in WordPress I had the impression that she was parachuting. Later on I realized that it was paragliding. Hope I have not offended any paragliders by this early misconception. 🙂

  2. what a concept. makes an interesting snippet to read about, but since when do people follow blogs in real time?

    *however* if she went in a powered paraglider with a huge fuel tank, and stayed up all day and well into the night 😉

  3. At this point following a blog in real time is most common when Steve Jobs is on stage and Engadget blogs live from the event…

    I don’t think huge amounts of people realized that the blog posts mentioned here was done live from the paraglider. She could just as well post them when safely on the ground. However, it’s an interesting experiment. The next time I guess she’ll be broadcasting live video from her phone through 3G.

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