Time for a coffee break

Summer has reached Norway and it is time for an iced coffee.

Find your shaker and throw in a table spoon of sugar. Then fill up with ice cubes. Make a double espresso and pour over the ice. Shake well. Pour into two glasses and top of with some milk. Enjoy!

Time for a coffee break

5 thoughts on “Time for a coffee break

  1. Terje M says:

    Love your coffie, Eirik 🙂 What espresso machine can you recommend for domestic purposes in a relatively small kitchen? Budget 6KNOK

  2. You can’t go wrong with a Rancilio Silvia. If you ask me it is the cheapest machine you can get if you want a proper tool for making real espresso at home.

    In Norway you can buy it through temperato.no. Details on the Silvia (in Norwegian) here.

    At NOK 5950,- it is spot on your budget… 🙂

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