Utilizing feedburner

I have just started utilizing Feedburner for my site. It is a great tool that let you add functionallity to your RSS feed. Get statistics for your RSS feed and in general help you with your syndication.

One example is the fact that it can make your feed look nice in any browser. Have a look at my feed here. Another is a bunch of predefined buttons for people to use when they want to subscribe. Look at the Yahoo, myMSN, NewsGator etc… in my sidebar to the right.

But, to make use of all the functionallity it is important that all your subscribers use the feed from feedburner.

So, here’s a wish:
All of you out there subscribing to my old feed:

Could you please change your subscription to:

The old one will not stop working, and at some point I will make an automatic redirect to my new feed. But, for those of you that have a minute, please change to the new feed.

For those of you that is wondering what this RSS thing really is, have a look at my introduction to RSS.

Another example of what feedburner can do is the automatic generation of a graphic that shows your latest posts:

Latest on eirikso.com

I have also put a graphic like this on Trendmapper to show people what’s going on over at eirikso.com. I have seen people use this little graphic in their signature when posting at forums or in HTML-enabeled mail.

A little problem with this functionallity is the fact that the graphic is quite ugly and not very customizable…

How does it work? Quite simple. You register your old feed at feedburner.com. Then you let people subscribe to a new feed that has been routed through feedburner. That is why I ask you to change to my new feed in your reader.

However, if you like me have had your site running for a while with the old feed, you can use htaccess to set up a proper redirect for your old feed so that everybody will be routed through feedburner even if they subscribe to your old feed.

Utilizing feedburner

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