Living in Norway

The main reason we can live here at all is the gulf stream. It brings hot water from the Mexican Gulf all the way up along the coast of Norway. Bringing the temperatures up to a resonable level. Still, the difference between summer and winter can be quite remarkable.

Check out the two pictures shot out of my window. One, showing +31 degrees Ceslius (87 F) at the 9th of July 2005. The other one showing -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 F) at the 3rd of February 2005.

One slightly too hot and one slightly too cold. Give me something between -5 and +25 degrees Celsius (23 – 77 F) and I am just fine.

Living in Norway

8 thoughts on “Living in Norway

  1. How come the übergeek Eirik have the most analog temperature meter in the world? It’s not even possible to check from the web. It has no statistics. No RSS-feeds. Not possible to see on your Media Center.

    I’m deeply shocked.

    Have a hot summer!

    =) Oyvind

  2. Yeek! I am truly embarassed. I revealed a weakness there.

    But I am working on it. Just haven’t found the ultimate digital weather station that can talk seamlessly to all the other stuff I have.

    I want some kind of X10 based weather station with a very open and flexible software…

  3. Ah! Just got a fantastic idea. I just put a webcam pointing at the old analogue temperature meter and do some image analyzing stuff on the picture feed. Then, I can make all sorts of alerts, RSS-feeds, timelapse etc…

    …or maybe not.

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