Norwegian strawberries

The Norwegian strawberries are exeptional. Because of the relatively cold summer with much light the strawberries get very tasty and good here up north.

Still, large scale production does it best to destroy the whole thing. Now 90% of the berries grown in Norway are of the same type, Corona.

So much for diversity

The Corona berries are grown using fertilizers and all kinds of tricks to get them grow with no defects, grow fast and get big.

So much for the taste

Well, as I said, the Norwegian berries are exeptional, so despite these efforts to destroy one of natures wonders we can still enjoy quite sweet and tasty berries every summer. The reason for my irritation towards the large scale production is the berries on the pictures. They are grown by myself on our balcony. They taste like heaven and remind me of how real strawberries should be.

My tip to the Norwegian Asociation of Strawberry Producers (if something like that exist) is to start thinking about quality and give up the sensless focus on quantity.

Norwegian strawberries

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