Now this is a wired house

And I thought that my X10 experiments were geeky : BWired

Click on the tabs at the top – “Energy”, “Water”, “Gas” etc… and you can read more about how the monitoring was done. (thanks Matt P)

Now this is a wired house

2 thoughts on “Now this is a wired house

  1. Matt P says:

    I was also going to try X10 automation from my MCE, have you found any plugins (free or commercial) that worked well for you?


  2. I have not started my MCE-X10 experiments yet, but I find this quite promising:

    I have done experiments with direct control from a software called Activehome and from Meedio Housebot.

    I abandoned Meedio Housebot because they still have not managed to make a serious plugin to integrate Meedio Essentials and Housebot. I know it’s very close, but right now I am running MCE and will find some kind of X10 plugin for MCE.

    I will also experiment with X10 towards NetRemote.

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