A quick update on the home theatre


My new QPVision 37″ LCD is now in place. Things start to look good.

It’s time for a short collection of links:
1. First, build a cabinet
2. Then install a silent fan in the cabinet
3. Silence the parts of the computer that is noisy
4. Choose your frontend
5. Set up your advanced remote
6. Make your content available everywhere
7. Follow the important blogs…

The speakers in the picture are Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro

QPVision 37

A quick update on the home theatre

5 thoughts on “A quick update on the home theatre

  1. Henger fjernsynet i en bettongvegg eller er det gips?
    NÃ¥r jeg etterhvert fÃ¥r meg flat-TV har jeg kun en gipsvegg Ã¥ henge den pÃ¥ og er da bekymret for vekten av TV’en i forhold til Ã¥ feste den pÃ¥ veggen.

  2. Knut Sandvik:
    The screen is fastened to a concrete wall. I don’t think it would be a problem to fasten it to plaster boards (gipsplater).

    The sub is actually placed besides the sofa in the other end of the room. Not at all ideal, but it lets me play with a quite low volume and still a bit of rumble near the sofa where I sit during movies… 🙂

    Both the kids and the neighbours put a limitation to the sound preassure I can operate in my living room…

  3. […] To make it easier for Dagbladet’s readers I will give you a quick roundup of some media center links and advice: – The complete list of software solutions – A quick roundup of some of the systems I have tried – An update with links to other articles as well – Converting DVR-MS files from your media center – Placeshifting, your media everywhere! – Remote control your music collection in MCE – Everything in the HTPC category […]

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