Apple Media Center – At last!

Apple has finally released its 10-feet GUI. They call it the Apple Front Row Media Experience and it looks like a full screen iPod user interface. Of course Apple bundles it with an amazingly stylish remote control. This is wonderful. Give them a year or so, and you will see some fantastic combinations of sexy hardware and software.

What I miss in the Apple Front Row Experience as far as I can judge from the Apple web site at this point are:
– PVR functionallity with an electronic program guide
– A system for including broadband services
(Like Microsoft Online Spotlight or Beyond Media SnapStream Spotlight)
– Extenders (I guess it’s just a question of time before Apple integrates video streaming in their Airport)
– Support for HD content

Well, that was not a second too early! I can’t wait to see what Apple will build around this. Apple is the perfect company to make successful hardware and software for your living room experience.

Thomas Hawk has some good comments. Basically I agree with most of them.

Why on earth would I want to buy a copy protected 320×240 version of a TV show when I can get it for free (totally legal) by recording it on my Media Center?

And, why on earth release a media computer in 2005 with no TV Funcionallity?

Still, as mentioned earlier in this post: give Apple a year or so.
(Unless Steve Jobs still is in the stupid opinion that “Generally what they want to view on television has to do with turning their mind off”. Steve, welcome to 2005. Television. Computer. What’s the difference? Do you really think my two year old son will be buying anything else than a computer to consume media as he grows up?)

Apple – you have made the world’s most user friendly and sexy portable media player. Why can’t you get the point when it comes to living room entertainment?

I want a HD capable Apple Mac Mini Media Center with PVR-Functionallity now.

Apple Media Center – At last!

3 thoughts on “Apple Media Center – At last!

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