An interesting survey from John Battelle

Living Room Computer

Or simply obvious?
A while ago John Battelle asked the readers of his Searchblog to fill in a survey. 270 of his readers did. How should we interpret the results?

The readers of John Battelle’s Searchblog are among the most intense users of the internet, new technologies and gadgets out there. Sometimes they are simply geeks that do stuff that will never be mainstream. However, among John Battelle’s 270 answering readers there should be enough sane, normal, intelligent, socially skilled people to make the results interesting.

I work within the television industry and in general I think the industry don’t see how the internet will eat huge amounts of the time people currently spend on TV. Several surveys says that the net is not currently stealing a significant amount of time from traditional media. I am not saying that the internet doesn’t steal time from traditional media. I am saying that some current surveys says it steals less than someone thought at some point. That seems to relax quite a bit of people working with main stream media. I think that will change.

Broadband was the first factor to accellerate this slightly. The next step will be computers that are available in the living room and are always on. Not media centers. Regular computers. They will be there in addition to the media centers. Add modern mobile phones with 3G networks and the traditional TV have some serious competition.

Of John Battelle’s readers 60% use the internet more than 25 hours a week. 82% spend “more” or “much more” time on Internet/digital content compared with print, TV, etc.

I know that I am a geek that can’t be used to predict the future, but am I alone when I am saying that there are very few television shows that in 30 minutes can give me more fun than some good web browsing?

And what’s that picure in this post? Well, it’s two of the three computers that’s running 24/7 in our living room. Yes, I told you. I can’t be used to predict the future.

PS. And yes, the printer will vanish into a cabinet and the door in front of the computers can be closed…

An interesting survey from John Battelle

8 thoughts on “An interesting survey from John Battelle

  1. 🙂

    That’s a Danish dining table with matching leather chairs.

    When closing the “space station” and throwing a table cloth, candle lights and some flowers on the table you have a very nice dining room.

    …but I can understand the conference room comparison from what you can judge in the picture.

  2. …and – I will be back here later with more detailed info on my very high WAF home theatre system.

    (Or maybe it all depends on the wife. If she likes conference table looking dining tables and a space station in the living room then it’s all OK…)

  3. […] I would agree on that comment, but interior design is something very personal and something that many of us have quite a bit of possibilities controlling. And we do. And the brilliant Mastiff, owner of the home theatre in question here likes it. So, he don’t need to talk with an interior designer. I follow huge amounts of home theatre blogs and forums. It is a strong tradition to post pictures and specs of home theatres on the net. That’s a very nice tradition and helps people solve problems, get inspiration and comment on the work that has been done. And, if you look through the technical issues, these pictures can be quite interesting cultural studies as well. I used a picture from our own living room in a previous post. One of the comments was: […]

  4. Lasse Elden says:

    Where did you get those “handles” to keep the doors open – so that you can use it as a “desk”? Realy needs th know!

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