Fighting spam in WordPress

A quick update on the situation
I have been using BotCheck to fight comment spam on this site. After a while I realized that BotCheck also killed all trackbacks. So, I deactivated BotCheck and installed “Bad Behavior”.

Still, after a while some spam got through. To prevent that I installed SpamKarma 2. After I installed SpamKarma I have had absolutely no spam, and one single case of a trackback that was stopped unintentionally.

So – basically I am happy as can be. Bad Behaviour + Spam Karma 2 = No Spam

Fighting spam in WordPress

One thought on “Fighting spam in WordPress

  1. Spam protection for WordPress

    I have just installed Bad Behavior and SpamKarma 2 to prevent spam (unwanted commercial comments) in my blog.
    Lately I had LOTS of spam! WordPress’s inbuilt spam protection just wouldn’t do it anymore, sure… It blocks some spam, but…

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