P2P and TV distribution

Dan Glickman Bram Cohen

Now this is a classic picture. Dan Glickman, chairman of the MPAA, and Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent. One grey haired man looking suspiciously into the camera. One legendary programmer looking satisfied and thoughtful out of the picture.

The fact that Mr. Cohen’s technology is on its way into serious use in the media industry is good news. BitTorrent has already changed the industry. But, the real fun hasn’t even started. Software like Videora that lets you subscribe to media content and easily convert it to your portable devices will acellerate use of both illegal downloads and possibly also very interesting legal services and huge amounts of interesting indie- and long tail content. For the long tail content the DTV project is especially interesting. With their Broadcast Machine they make it easier for people to distribute as well as consume media.

A story on how a TV show originally was rejected and found its way back to production thanks to file sharing is also interesting. Channels like NerdTV and use of Creative Commons instead of copyright could also help bring interesting content back to the television screen. The BBC already use BitTorrent technology in their iMP application.

These are interesting times. Maybe Bob the Millionaire can download Lost in HD legally in the future? Dan Glickman and Bram Cohen: go-go-go!

P2P and TV distribution

Now I really need your help :-)


Update: I actually won the competition!

This blog, www.eirikso.com has been nominated by one of the biggest newspapers in Norway (Dagbladet) to the prestigious title “Gullbloggen”, or in plain english: they want to find the best Norwegian blogs.

First, huge amounts of blogs where nominated by the readers of Dagbladet. Then, a panel of experts selected three blogs in the following categories:
1. Politics
2. Technology
3. “Under 20”
4. Open Category

Actually, I did not know about this, and would like to thank the person that nominated Eirikso.com under “Technology”.

The other nominated blogs in the technology category are in Norwegian, but very interesting as well:
Espen Andersen: Tversover
Jo Christian Oterhal: Jo Christian Oterhals’ søkeblogg

Of course, now I need your votes! The page is in Norwegian, but I have provided some nice instructions and translations. Click the image to see a bigger version:

Gullbloggen Instructions

Then you vote for eirikso.com here.

And, for the people that need a reason to vote for this particular blog, here are some posts to give you an impression of this site:

My insane, yet slightly interesting experiment with images:
Everything you would ever want to see

The story of Bob the Millionaire:
How Bob the Millionaire became a pirate

Help for the people that need to know more about all this talk about blogging, flickr, del.icio.us, BoingBoing, RSS etc…
Help for “the left behind”

A quick list of links with help for building a home theatre:

A quick update on the home theatre

Some fantastic vintage computer ads:
Whatever happens in the future it will fit into this space

Help for the people trying to make interesting presentations:
How to avoid making boring presentations

Now I really need your help :-)

Illustration at Om Malik’s blog


I am honoured by the fact that Om Malik has used one of my illustrations in his recent post about Skype.

It was originally drawn on the back of a business card. A good reason to immediately send you all over to Gapingvoid and the classic post on creativity.

And for the people coming over here because they want to see more of my strange little drawings, here are some links:

How Bob the Millionaire became a pirate
The similarity of cars and computers
Norwegian princess daughter named after Princess Leia
Legal threats and the internet

And no, I am by no means a designer. Anyway, if you like my kind of childish lines, they’re licensed under a creative commons license so feel free to use them. Any feedback (good or bad) is considered motivation.

Illustration at Om Malik’s blog

Presenting at TiDE – Television in a Digital Environment

Lillehammer University College

I have been fortunate enough to attend and present at the TiDE conference hosted by Lillehammer University College. Here are some recommended links for the people that attended my presentation:

Digital Rights Management:
How bob the millionaire became a pirate
BMW don’t get it
Placeshifting – your media everywhere (ORB)

Remixing and open APIs:

Give the kids something to remix
Panoramio – place your pictures on Google maps
BBC Backstage
BBC Mood News
Flickr hacks
Google Earth Hacks

Media centers:
The Media Center Software List
NRK makes one of the world’s largest Media Center services
Apple Media Center – At last!
Google Video and Media Center Edition
The Media Center Blogs

Bad usability and the nokia memory card
An example of good and bad usability design
Why your camera phone will outperform your compact camera – bigtime!

Some words on Flickr, blogging, RSS, del.icio.us etc:
Help for “the left behind”
Top 10 essential blogs
YouTube and the Flickrs of video

Insane, still slightly interesting experiment:
Everything you would ever want to see!


Other stuff:
The Gizmo Project
Flickr related tag browser

Picture: The streets of Lillehammer

Presenting at TiDE – Television in a Digital Environment

Cool statistics for your site: Have a mint!


Thanks to Oyvind I have just installed Mint on my server. This gives me very nice statistics from my site. It runs locally and stores the data in a mySQL database on my server. It works in realtime and shows statistics as people browse your site.

One very nice feature is that Mint supports Peppers. Peppers are plugins made by all kinds of very cool people.

Some good peppers:
Referrer Rollup
Gives you a very nice and tidy list of all your referrers

xxx Strong Mint
Show the IP of your visitors

Sparks! visualizes your visitor data.

Adsense Click Pepper
Get valuable info on how people click on your adsense ads

Foreign Pepper
Show where your visitors are coming from

Feedburner Stats Pepper
Show stats and circulation from your Feedburner RSS-feed

Fresh View Pepper
Fresh View uses XML-based SVG to visualize your Mint visitor data.

Google Images Pepper
Tracks hits from Google Images and let you know about the most popular images on your site. This one is supposed to be replaced by the Referrer Filter pepper, but that one did not work on my first install – so I kept the Google Images pepper.

Trends analyzes your website’s usage over a set period of time.

Cool statistics for your site: Have a mint!

How to program the buttons on your MCE Remote


Some of the Windows Media Center remotes has the ability to control other hardware in addition to the Media Center. The most common one is the one in this picture. On that one you can program the “TV”-button and the Volume-button. Most likely you would want to control the ON/OFF-function on your TV and the volume on your amplifier.

This is how you do it (from the MCE Remote Manual):

Update2: The manual is no longer available from Microsoft

Link to the manual (PDF).
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How to program the buttons on your MCE Remote