Presenting software

I just got a question about presenting software and how to explain certain features without using these hated bullet points.

Let’s take an example. I am going to present four of the features in the video editing software Sony Vegas Video. Worst case scenario is this slide:


This one is slightly better and works fine as an executive summary that you can hand out after the presentation:


And another one, also good as an executive summary:

Still better

But, in the presentation you are going to tell people that this software has “Unlimited amount of video tracks”, “Simple integrated video trimmer” etc.

So you make four slides. One for each point:


If its possible to walk up to the picture and point at it you can also do this on one slide.

Presenting software

4 thoughts on “Presenting software

  1. And when you are presenting that new database system where there is no screen shots to point at you go back to what Seth Godin mention in his little book that I linked to in the previous post (How to avoid making boring presentations):

    Use pictures and metaphors. When you want to communicate that your database is 50% faster than the competitor you show something that can be a symbol for speed (…the most obvious: a fast car…)

    When you tell people that your database is faster it works better than if they read it. And that’s why you do a presentation instead of sending a document through mail.

    Then make a document number two, with bullet points describing your executive summary. Throw in a couple of photos and illustrations from your presentation and hand out after you are done talking…

  2. Making Good Presentations

    Almost all of us make presentations day-in and day-out, but have you paused and thought if the last presentation you made really made an impact?
    Here are a bunch of links to good articles/resource pages that I came across. Some of them focus on the mos…

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