w00t! This blog is a winner.


As mentioned earlier eirikso.com was nominated for “Best Technology Blog” in Dagbladet’s competition (Norwegian) where they want to find the best blogs in Norway. Dagbladet is one of Norway’s biggest newspapers.

Now, the voting has ended, and this blog won a “Golden Blog Award” for best technology blog.

If you master the strange language of Norwegian you can head over here to read the public announcement and an interview with eirikso.

Fantastic. Because the two other blogs nominated in the same category are very good ones as well, I take this as a huge compliment from the people that voted for this one. The two other blogs are in norwegian: Tversover and Jo Christian Oterhals’ søkeblogg.

A huge, plain, simple, upper case “THANK YOU” to all the people that voted for this blog. Still, this also has to be the time to thank my readers in general for comments, feedback and motivation.

This blog started out as a personal tool for myself to remember hacks and tweaks for all my technology experiments. After gaining a bit of readers I have started to post articles on other stuff as well. Several posts, including the one about the guy to the right has driven a bit of traffic. I am now the happy editor of a blog that gives me more knowledge about the thoughts I post here, new friends all over the world and experience running a web site that actually reach out to a certain amount of people.

Special thanks go to:
First of all the person that entered my blog into the competition! I didn’t know about this competition before I saw the traffic from Dagbladet… Then Oyvind at Brilliantdays for huge amounts of knowledge and a link to my post trying to convince people to vote for me. Ian over at The Media Center Show for mentioning me on the show! Thomas Hawk for nice compliments and a link in his excellent post about my short comparison of Flickr and Webshots.

Simon, the Australian beef cattle farmer that voted for my blog. I mean, how many Norwegian blogs get votes from Australian beef cattle farmers from Wagga Wagga?

If you are new to this blog…
…please check out my most popular posts through the list in the right sidebar. You can also find some selected links here and here.

“Yeah. Right. I found all the technology and some food. Now, where is all that travel?”
– Try this one, or maybe this one.


I just recieved this badge that I can use on my site. Making the competition, taking blogs seriously, helping people understand more about the Net and all these new tools. All of them very good initiatives from Dagbaldet. Winning the technology category is an honour. Still, I have one problem. I find this badge ugly. Aesthetic judgement is a personal thing. I am sorry. Can’t use this one permanently on my site.

I guess I’ll have to stick with the glory and honour, keep up the good work and make an even better blog. Without this badge in my sidebar.

w00t! This blog is a winner.

15 thoughts on “w00t! This blog is a winner.

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved, and I do agree with you on the bloghype – though I used to say the same thing myself when WWW came along. Simplicity and depth of use is equal to access.

    As for votes from Wagga Wagga – well, I think I got some from Australia, but not quite in the outback…

  2. Thank you!

    A quick roundup:
    – Healthy competition
    – Some new readers
    – New connections in Australia for both of us
    – Someone calling me a nerd and a looser over at Dagbladet *
    – And a reason for all of us to read yours and Jo Christian’s blog!

    Keep up the good work.

    * PS. Calling me a nerd is utterly correct. Calling me a looser is slightly bad timing right now.

  3. Your blog is mostly boring. Shitty rambling. Some good postings though.

    Anyway – congrats and “hipp hipp” !

    PS: About the “bloghype” – read up on “blobjects” (you probably did…).


  4. Actually, I am certain that 99,99% of the population on earth will totally agree with you. This is boring.

    Then again, I post stuff to reach the 0,01% that find this interesting. Right now I reach enough people to make publishing here rewarding!

    Hope to see you back here for the posts that you might find good anyway…


  5. Thank you! Unfortunately my Italian is not good enough to follow an Italian blog. The words I master are mostly related to the delicious food and wine that you happen to consume down there in the land of pasta, olive oil, ham, cheese, barolo, barbera, dolchetto and white truffles.

    I understand that your post is about my little experiment with pictures outside our window. Guess I’ll have to post my video soon. It’s coming along well. Adjusting the pictures in Photoshop and dissolving between them in Sony Vegas Video seems to work very well.

  6. […] My friend Eirik is “cover boy” in Norwegian paper Dagbladet today. He won the award for best technoblog last year, and now he’s having a netmeeting on monday, answering people’s question about Media Center software. This is only in Norwegian, but he answers if you post questions on Eirikso.com. […]

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