New York – December 2005

New York Snow

Because of several small happenings regarding this blog lately my logs tell me that I have a couple of new readers. So, first of all I want to say:

Welcome to my new readers! I hope you’ll find interesting stuff here. I’ll promise to not overload you with articles and will at the same time recommend you to subscribe to my RSS-feed or mail update. That way you will be noticed when I post something new.

So, back to this post:
I am currently travelling in the US. On my way to spend five weeks in Florida. I spent a night in New York on my way, and experienced the city in deep layers of snow. As a Norwegian, snow is something that I am used to. I guess the New Yorkers are used to snow as well.

Still, I found it interesting that most of the schools where closed beacuse of the snow. The winter in New York can’t possibly be that different from the winters in Bergen on the western coast of Norway where I grew up. I can’t remember one single day of closed schools because of snow.

Anyway, the plane to Fort Myers was nearly on time and I could continue my journey.

I was flying Continental and one of the biggest events of flying an american airliner is something that resides in the seat pocket in front of you. The insanely interesting magazine called: SkyMall. An amazing collection of products.

I will be back here soon with some of the gadgets and useful things I found interesting this time.

Yes, the picture is from New York, the 9th of December 2005. It’s not something from Norway that I found in my archive.

New York – December 2005

4 thoughts on “New York – December 2005

  1. thanks for the welcome (guess i am one of the new blokes). hope you have a good time down there and that you return to the “true north” safely without too many security checks 😉

  2. Security checks. Worth a chapter alone. I can understand all the reasons to implement all this security. And, it’s to our own safety.

    But this is indeed an example of how the 0,00000000001% terrorists manage to make travelling more complicating for the 99,99999999999% good people out there.

  3. ‘snow days’ are one of those things that every american school child outside of the southwest looks forward to, even plans for. i grew up in philadelphia, pa, and we had our fair share of school closures, and it was great.

    picture this: you’re in bed, waking up, and you notice that the light pouring into your room is brighter than usual – snow outside! – so you run to the window and check out the damage. there seems to be enough to prohibit vehicular travel – snow day? – so you run to the t.v. and turn on the ‘local’ text-only channel. gobs of useless blurbs about so-and-so and their boring happenings – then – a list of schools starts scrolling down the screen. is my school closed today??? pleeeeease!!! yes! full closure!! woohoo!!

    that’s what i used to do every school day when it snowed. i would wait to leave the house until the very last minute, just in case my school was late in reporting the closure 🙂 oh, heard of ‘two-hour delays’? same deal, but instead of a full closure, sometimes they gave the snow-plow folks time to clear things and then we’d go in late for a reduced schedule. oh the memories…

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