SkyMall – Holiday 2005 Edition


As a passionalte gadget freak this amazing product catalog called SkyMall that I find on board american planes has always fascinated me. It’s one of the very rare printed publications that actually can give me just as much fun as half an hour of good web browsing. SkyMall is a product catalog with all kinds of stuff that you can order.
A fantastic collection of everything from high quality well known brands to the most amazing crap you can imagine.

And of course I have to share some of the highlights of amazing crap in this edition. Please note that all the pictures will be enlarged if you click them. I’ll start quite simple.


Buy yourself a stylish iPod. Then add the world’s most ugly set of speakers. It’s called the iPulse. “Colorful LED lightshow plays in sync with your music!”. Only $129,95

Gravity – that’s sooo last century

FlyBar Gravity defying boots

SkyMall to the rescue. This edition gives you both a Gravity-Defying FlyBar and a pair of Gravity-Defying boots. FlyBar for $299.95 and Boots for $139.95.


Then for the haute couture. First, the essential accessory for any serious american. “Earband makes your ball cap warm for winter” You have to wear your cap. No matter what. So, rather than buying something that is suited for winter you simply add a earband to your cap. Excellent. $19.95

But if you want to look really ridiculous. I mean, seriously ridiculous. Of course SkyMall can still help you. Not for the modest price of $19.95, but if it’s important enough for you to look ridiculous, then the $227,- Original Woven Collar Shirt should not be left untried.

“The shirt that allows you to show off your expensive ties”

Woven Collar Shirt Woven Collar Closeup

“Exclusively fashioned with american ingenuity and european style”
– I haven’t seen anything like this in Europe though.

Then, what do you get if you combine haute couture and gadgets?

Simple! The lighted slippers that let you see in the dark.

Lighted Slippers Lighted Slippers

They’re yours for a humble $39.95!

And yes. There are a lot of products that I have not mentioned. And as Espen just reminded me in an email. He miss the remote control shaped like a gun. Me too.

SkyMall – Holiday 2005 Edition

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