Flying 8 hours with a video iPod and a kid

iPod in a plane

To stay 8 hours in a plane isn’t fun for anyone. Especially not for a kid. To stay sane on a direct flight from Oslo to New York you have to bring every possible time killer available. No comparison necessary, the winner was the new iPod with video playback. Loaded with lots of Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Teletubbies etc.

Griffin iPod Juice

Only one problem. It gives you 4-5 hours of video playback on one charge. As mentioned earlier – I’m in the US. It’s gadget time. CompUSA to the rescue. A little external box from Griffin Technologies. It’s called TuneJuice and is yours for $14.90 right now. One standard 9V battery gives you about 4 hours of extra juice.

I also considered a box from Belkin running on four AA batteries giving more power, but went for the small Griffin box after reading some reviews. Of course I can’t give you a proper description of my experience yet. You’ll have to wait until I have done the hard test: 3 + 8 hours on a plane on my way back from Florida to Oslo…

Coming up soon on
My experience in converting DVD and video to iPod files
The Griffin PowerMate – why I love this little wheel
Sleeptracker – does it work?

…and other stuff that I for some reason want to share. 🙂

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Flying 8 hours with a video iPod and a kid

10 thoughts on “Flying 8 hours with a video iPod and a kid

  1. […] One look at the iPod kid here should convince anyone that his generation will not be denied these tools for their learning lives. Instead of banning them, as most schools now do, content for learning should be created to convey education through these marvelous cognitive mirror machines. iPods, learning Posted by Judy Breck | Dec 20th, 2005 @ 9:44 AM | Wi-Fi, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Permalink | Add a comment | Email Leave a Comment […]

  2. Skills, time and equipment. Whatever. Actually, I can do this better, but not in the 30 seconds I used when adjusting this picture. And – without my Wacom tablet I feel a little crippled when working in Photoshop… 🙂

    So I totally agree, the work on this particular picture really sucks.

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