This picture is not from a zoo

Do not feed

Context is everything. This picture is of a sign that is fairly common here in Florida. Quite exotic for a norwegian that lives in a country where a tiny snake is one of the most dangerous animals you can bump into. A tiny snake that will hurt you slightly more than a common bumble bee if it bites.

If this sign was placed in a zoo it would not be very interesting. Context and expectations are important for all stories. For marketing. For blogs. For podcasts. Don’t underestimate the value of a good backgound story. A story about yourself, about the situation around what you are communicating. The story about Herkko Heitanen and Lehtovaara is not that interesting without the background information that tells you that Mr. Heitanen is a lawyer specialized within IT-law and a founding member of one of the biggest cyber rights organization in Europe. The movie Super Size Me is of course not very interesting if you don’t know that it is a true story and that the maker of the movie actually did eat all that junk.

I have a brief About Eirikso page here at my blog. It is brief, but I think it is important. I think it adds value to what you read here if you have at least a little bit of background on the author.

Don't feed the alligators

Back to the alligators. To the right you can see the picture of the sign with a bit more context. The last time we where here we had a big alligator called Ollie living in the small lake at the golf course outside our window. He is not there anymore. Rumor says that he started a diet that included one of the gardeners at the course. Bad idea.

Anyway, I managed to snap this picture back in 2004:

Ollie the Alligator

Of course I didn’t feed him. And I don’t need the threat of a $500 fine to not consider feeding a gator like Ollie…

This picture is not from a zoo

The video of the seasons in Norway

Update: I’ve made a new video of better quality images from 2008:
One year worth of images give some amazing videos

I have now uploaded a high resolution version of the index print as well: High resolution index print of 2005

The high definition version is now available here.

One Year in Norway

44 pictures taken out of our window at random times of the day and at random intervals through the year. When taking the pictures I have placed the camera up in the corner of our living room window at a place where it gets nearly the same framing for each picture. Because it’s only nearly I aligned all of them in Photoshop. Then I put them on the timeline in Sony Vegas Video. I strethced them to 5 seconds each and added a simple dissolve between all the pictures.


To align them in Photoshop you start with picture number one, put the next one on a layer above and makes it 50% transparent. Then you find a place in the picture that is as solid as possible and align the two pictures until you don’t have any “ghost image” around the solid parts.

Unalligned Aligned

Click the pictures to see the original screenshot from Photoshop. The first one (to the left) is not aligned. The last one (right) is aligned.

I have added the video to YouTube

Anyway, you can also download the video here:
Windows Media Video 9
Quicktime H.264

I have also made a 720p HD version of this video. It is actually quite nice to see it on my 37 inch LCD. The HD version is somethning that I could post on BitTorrent. Please comment if that is interesting.

If you like this story you can vote for it on here. 🙂

Been there, bought the T-shirt.

Seasons - T-shirt

Eirikso T-Shirts

The video of the seasons in Norway

Electric snowman


I’m still in Florida. What should I say? I can see the power cord. I most definitely have to go back here during the evening and check out what kind of aestetic delight the creators of this snowman manage to get out of it when they combine it with a couple of good watts from the local power plant.

No matter what. It can’t come anywhere close to this classic.

Electric snowman

It’s gadget time!


I’m currently in the US and will be here for about a month. I will mostly stay at the same place. What does that mean? People living in the US will of course not see any obvious and revolutionary advantages from this fact. Apart from the fact that being in the US is quite fun in general.

I’ll give you some hints: Amazon, eBay, Best Buy. Webshops! Ordering stuff from the fantastic assortement of Amazon when you live in Norway is OK, but it always include huge amounts of waiting, payment of taxes and hideously expensive shipping.

Now, for the next four weeks I can order stuff for something close to half the price compared to buying the same goods from my home in Norway.

I don’t have unlimited amounts of money, so I have to consider each purchase carefully.

That’s why I kick this off with a product that I have absolutely no faith in. The Sleeptracker. I have read fantastic reviews. I understand the concept. Still, I don’t think it can help this seriously sleepless blogger.

But if it can. I mean – wake me up after my not-even-close-to-enough hours of sleep at a moment that makes the horrible exercise of getting up slightly easier. It’s worth every cent.

Of course I’ll be back here with more info when it arrives.

It’s gadget time!

SkyMall – Holiday 2005 Edition


As a passionalte gadget freak this amazing product catalog called SkyMall that I find on board american planes has always fascinated me. It’s one of the very rare printed publications that actually can give me just as much fun as half an hour of good web browsing. SkyMall is a product catalog with all kinds of stuff that you can order.
A fantastic collection of everything from high quality well known brands to the most amazing crap you can imagine.

And of course I have to share some of the highlights of amazing crap in this edition. Please note that all the pictures will be enlarged if you click them. I’ll start quite simple.


Buy yourself a stylish iPod. Then add the world’s most ugly set of speakers. It’s called the iPulse. “Colorful LED lightshow plays in sync with your music!”. Only $129,95

Gravity – that’s sooo last century

FlyBar Gravity defying boots

SkyMall to the rescue. This edition gives you both a Gravity-Defying FlyBar and a pair of Gravity-Defying boots. FlyBar for $299.95 and Boots for $139.95.


Then for the haute couture. First, the essential accessory for any serious american. “Earband makes your ball cap warm for winter” You have to wear your cap. No matter what. So, rather than buying something that is suited for winter you simply add a earband to your cap. Excellent. $19.95

But if you want to look really ridiculous. I mean, seriously ridiculous. Of course SkyMall can still help you. Not for the modest price of $19.95, but if it’s important enough for you to look ridiculous, then the $227,- Original Woven Collar Shirt should not be left untried.

“The shirt that allows you to show off your expensive ties”

Woven Collar Shirt Woven Collar Closeup

“Exclusively fashioned with american ingenuity and european style”
– I haven’t seen anything like this in Europe though.

Then, what do you get if you combine haute couture and gadgets?
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SkyMall – Holiday 2005 Edition

New York – December 2005

New York Snow

Because of several small happenings regarding this blog lately my logs tell me that I have a couple of new readers. So, first of all I want to say:

Welcome to my new readers! I hope you’ll find interesting stuff here. I’ll promise to not overload you with articles and will at the same time recommend you to subscribe to my RSS-feed or mail update. That way you will be noticed when I post something new.

So, back to this post:
I am currently travelling in the US. On my way to spend five weeks in Florida. I spent a night in New York on my way, and experienced the city in deep layers of snow. As a Norwegian, snow is something that I am used to. I guess the New Yorkers are used to snow as well.

Still, I found it interesting that most of the schools where closed beacuse of the snow. The winter in New York can’t possibly be that different from the winters in Bergen on the western coast of Norway where I grew up. I can’t remember one single day of closed schools because of snow.

Anyway, the plane to Fort Myers was nearly on time and I could continue my journey.

I was flying Continental and one of the biggest events of flying an american airliner is something that resides in the seat pocket in front of you. The insanely interesting magazine called: SkyMall. An amazing collection of products.

I will be back here soon with some of the gadgets and useful things I found interesting this time.

Yes, the picture is from New York, the 9th of December 2005. It’s not something from Norway that I found in my archive.

New York – December 2005

w00t! This blog is a winner.


As mentioned earlier was nominated for “Best Technology Blog” in Dagbladet’s competition (Norwegian) where they want to find the best blogs in Norway. Dagbladet is one of Norway’s biggest newspapers.

Now, the voting has ended, and this blog won a “Golden Blog Award” for best technology blog.

If you master the strange language of Norwegian you can head over here to read the public announcement and an interview with eirikso.

Fantastic. Because the two other blogs nominated in the same category are very good ones as well, I take this as a huge compliment from the people that voted for this one. The two other blogs are in norwegian: Tversover and Jo Christian Oterhals’ søkeblogg.

A huge, plain, simple, upper case “THANK YOU” to all the people that voted for this blog. Still, this also has to be the time to thank my readers in general for comments, feedback and motivation.

This blog started out as a personal tool for myself to remember hacks and tweaks for all my technology experiments. After gaining a bit of readers I have started to post articles on other stuff as well. Several posts, including the one about the guy to the right has driven a bit of traffic. I am now the happy editor of a blog that gives me more knowledge about the thoughts I post here, new friends all over the world and experience running a web site that actually reach out to a certain amount of people.

Special thanks go to:
First of all the person that entered my blog into the competition! I didn’t know about this competition before I saw the traffic from Dagbladet… Then Oyvind at Brilliantdays for huge amounts of knowledge and a link to my post trying to convince people to vote for me. Ian over at The Media Center Show for mentioning me on the show! Thomas Hawk for nice compliments and a link in his excellent post about my short comparison of Flickr and Webshots.

Simon, the Australian beef cattle farmer that voted for my blog. I mean, how many Norwegian blogs get votes from Australian beef cattle farmers from Wagga Wagga?

If you are new to this blog…
…please check out my most popular posts through the list in the right sidebar. You can also find some selected links here and here.

“Yeah. Right. I found all the technology and some food. Now, where is all that travel?”
– Try this one, or maybe this one.


I just recieved this badge that I can use on my site. Making the competition, taking blogs seriously, helping people understand more about the Net and all these new tools. All of them very good initiatives from Dagbaldet. Winning the technology category is an honour. Still, I have one problem. I find this badge ugly. Aesthetic judgement is a personal thing. I am sorry. Can’t use this one permanently on my site.

I guess I’ll have to stick with the glory and honour, keep up the good work and make an even better blog. Without this badge in my sidebar.

w00t! This blog is a winner.