Sudoku for MCE

MCE Sudoku

I don’t know how it is for the rest of the world, but in Norway there’s a complete Sudoku craze right now. A craze that’s so evident that I learned to hate Sudoku even before I had solved one single puzzle…

But for you Windows Media Center users out there that has joined the craze, this is good news. KMS Software has made a simple, yet excellent implementation of Sudoku. This is a game that is perfect for the TV screen and the remote control. Simply navigate with the arrow keys and enter numbers with the numeric keypad on the remote.


They have added a possibility to enter numbers as “maybe” to let you draft out as you play. They have also implemented the game so that it will remember your current puzzle until you start a new one. So, you can quit MCE, watch a movie etc. When you start Sudoku again it will present you with the last game you where working on.

I tried to install Sudoku on a computer running standard WinXP Pro and Meedio just to see if this game will work for non MCE users. No success so far.

KMS Software has a little collection of stuff for MCE and quite a bit coming up. Will be interesting to follow the popularity of small time killers like this one for MCE.

Sudoku for MCE

3 thoughts on “Sudoku for MCE

  1. Thanks for excelent information as always! My wife is crazy about Sudoku and she downloaded Soduko Mater 2 to her Nokia 62030i. A small time killer on an even smaller device. You can find it here if you really need to:

  2. I was actually thinking about it while having a look at the MCE version. This must be perfect for my mobile! Thank you for the link.

    Still, when thinking of it. Having sudoku on all platforms make me hate it even more. Very puerile actually. Hating something that I haven’t really given a chance…

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