The iPod is now mounted in the car

iPod mounted in car

You find the brief introduction on how to connect an iPod to your car here. This is the short roundup:

1. Bought a Dension iceLink to connect the iPod to the factory mounted stereo in my 2001 Toyota Rav4.

2. 30 minutes of work to dismount the stereo and connect the iceLink

iPod mounted with Dension iceLink

3. Bought a ProClip mounting bracket from

For Norwegians, find the bracket you want on and call MobilData and order it. For a piece of plastic it is horribly expensive: NOK 299,-

For the people that have no clue about Norwegian Kroner – that’s about $44 for the mounting bracket(!)

That said, the bracket was easy to mount, fits well and holds my iPod in place. Unfortunately it has a very ugly kind of leather imitation surface. (Click the images for more detail).

4. Mounting the iceLink dock on the bracket. About 20 minutes of work.

5. Mounting the bracket in the car. Also about 20 minutes of work.

The iPod is now mounted in the car

9 thoughts on “The iPod is now mounted in the car

  1. Ã…se Fixdal says:

    Ja nettopp! Akkurat en sånn ønsker jeg meg, men for Creative (regner med at den er av en aannen type). Hvor finner man den, da? Tips?

  2. Shawn says:

    Hey, can you get a video-out signal from that dension icelink? Is it audio only? How will you get the video RCA to hook up video out?

  3. Unfortunately there is no video out on the iceLink. But, the iPod delivers video out from the minijack at the top even if it’s mounted in the iceLink.

    When I have kids in the car I put the iPod in the dock to keep it in place and provide it with charging. I then connect an Apple AV cable to the top of the iPod and run that cable over to the inputs of the video and audio to the kids.

    Not very sexy, but it works. I would really like to see an iceLink with video out and an auxillary port for audio as well. When using the iPod as a video server for the kids you want charging, you want the docing to keep the iPod in place, but you don’t want to listen to what they have in their headphones on the stereo in the car…

  4. Shawn says:

    Oh no! That’s lame! Yeah, we should contact Dension, I wonder if there’s a way to hack the connector out from the icelink?

  5. Shawn says:

    Actually, I wonder if there’s another car mount that puts out video? Or f you think you could adapt a home-mount to the car?

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