Web Browser for Media Center Edition

MCE Browser

Browsing standard web pages on a TV screen with a remote is never very comfortable. Most web pages are made for navigation with a mouse and a keyboard.

Still, if you have a media center and an LCD screen it can be interesting to have a quick look at some news headlines, a couple of blogs or something like that.

Doing that from within media center has been difficult until now. Meet the MCE Browser. An excellent little plugin that gives you a browser with zoom functionallity and easy navigation with the arrow keys, OK and channel up/down for browsing links.

(Via Thomas Hawk and The F-Stop Blues)

Web Browser for Media Center Edition

4 thoughts on “Web Browser for Media Center Edition

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  2. Scott says:

    Nice app, but I use a 360 for an extender, and it’s really clumsy to use the remote for typing. It would be nice to use the thumbstick on a controller for a mouse, and the add on keyboard to type, but this does not work. I tried it.

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