ROFL! The n00b got a BSOD on his HTPC


Or in plain english:
Rolling on the floor lauging! The inexperienced user got a serious error on his home theatre personal computer.

People keeps asking. And a while ago I realised that my mother is reading this blog. She wasn’t the one requesting this little roundup of strange computer geek language but I have a feeling that she will be one of the persons learning a couple of new abbreviations from this article.

There is no point for me to give something of a complete guide to internet language. I’ll explain a couple of the abbreviations I have used here on and lead you to some excellent recources in the end of this article. Here we go:

HTPC – Home Theatre PC. A computer that is tailored for media playback. Very often built to stay in the living room besides amplifiers, DVD players, VHS players and other audio and video equipment. And, regarding the DVD players and VHS players the HTPC is very often replacing them, not sitting there besides them.

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing (laughing even more than when you laugh out loud)

BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death. The blue screen that a Windows computer will give you when something goes seriously wrong. Usually the most horrible error message of them all. Very often connected to complete hardware failures.

NSFW – Not Safe For Work. “This link is NSFW“. Used to indicate that the content might be offensive. So far the closest thing you get to something that is NSFW on would be this. (…ouch. Did I mention that my mother reads this blog?)

WTF? – What the fuck? Hmm. Maybe one of the words there is NSFW?

w00t! – Something like WOW!, Fantastic!, Yippeeee! Difficult to translate directly, and a part of the very advanced l33t-language. Read the complete explanation of w00t here. Yes, you write w00t using the number zero instead of the letter “o” and l33t using the number three instead of “e”.

OMG – Oh My God

n00b – Newbie. An inexperienced user. “I am a n00b, please be gentle.

RTFM – Read The Fucking Manual. If you ask a very stupid question in a forum you sometimes could get a simple RTFM as the answer.

The list goes on. You find one of the most complete lists of internet slang on Wikipedia. Together with the Urban Dictionary you should be covered.

And yes, the fact that my retired mother actually reads this makes me proud of her. šŸ™‚ …problem is that before I know it she’ll start commenting on my bad english.

ROFL! The n00b got a BSOD on his HTPC

5 thoughts on “ROFL! The n00b got a BSOD on his HTPC

  1. Very cool! I tried the link and neded to register with Talkr. Then it told me this:

    Apologies, but you have not subscribed to the feed: We need for you subscribe to feeds before you read the feed posts — otherwise, we cannot track which posts you have already read.

    …so I added to my subscriptions and suddenly I could listen to my blog.

    A while ago I did a presentation for a group of blind people (about podcasting and audio on the net). This has to be very interesting for them!

  2. Now, as you can see in the sidebar on this blog together with all the subscribe buttons, there’s a Talkr button.

    Meaning that you can copy the link from that button into iTunes or any podcatcher and listen to on your portable player.

    I’ll have to post an article on this when I get the time.

    I have read about Talkr, but never tried it, so thank you for pointing me to it!

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