It’s official. My next laptop will be a MacBook Pro

Apple Logo

Yes, it has a stupid name, but it is the fastest most sexy windows laptop you can get. And now Apple has made it easy to install both OS X and WinXP on it. How cool is that? OMG they’re going to be short of MacBooks for months!

…and how about that MacMini running Meedio Pro, BeyondTV and MediaPortal?

Of course when Apple finish their FrontRow software that will be the best solution, but we want a small, silent and good looking media computer with PVR functionallity now! And a MacMini with the mentioned software and two external Hauppauge PVR-USB2 might do the trick.

It’s official. My next laptop will be a MacBook Pro

4 thoughts on “It’s official. My next laptop will be a MacBook Pro

  1. LOL. The news about Boot Camp has had some impact. The Apple stock value increased by 10% and I was able to remotely get Oyvind to fall off his chair.

    And I mean really remote. Like in I am in Norway and he is in Japan. Still he falls off his chair by reading this post. Cool!

  2. Yes, I love my setup. Hide all of it. Cables, the computer, the amp, the external disks and whatever… Still people keeps asking. They want it silent. They want it good looking.

    My system is silent and good looking but not all people have the possibility to build their own cabinet and mount a specially silenced fan in it…

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