Cool easter egg in an audio CD

Waveform displaying an image from audio

Apparently it is old news and was hot in the late nineties. I haven’t seen it before, and having worked as a sound designer I find this fascinating.

Aphex Twin has hidden an image of himself in the audio waveform of track 2 on Windowlicker. You need some software to find it and display it.

That’s what I call a cool easter egg on an audio CD. You know, like the easter eggs found in software, on DVDs and in movies. If you want to try this on your own productions here is a windows software that can help you out. Or you can use the Mac software that Apex Twin used to create the image above.

I haven’t found any cool examples of people doing the opposite, hiding audio in an image, but if you want to start implementing all kinds of data into other files you could try one of the following: Hide and Encrypt or Hider 1.1 (Both of them for Windows)

(Via Between Thought and Expression)

Cool easter egg in an audio CD

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