Home Theatre PC Links Roundup

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I have a lot of visitors looking for information about media centers right now. Here is a quick list of links in this blog that is useful if you want to start experimenting.

You find all the articles in the Home Theatre PC (HTPC) category here:
Eirikso.com – HTPC

And a selection of specially useful articles:
The media center software list
HTPC Frontend roundup
Screen technologies. LCD or Plasma?
Perfect adjustment of your LCD
How to build a cabinet for your HTPC
How to build a completely silent fan for your cabinet
Thumbnails of my old background pictures
How to remote control your music collection from your PDA, laptop, meedio etc…
Silencing an XFX GeForce 6600 GT AGP with a Zalman VF700 Cu
Playing smooth WMV-HD in Windows Media Center Edition
Windows Media Center Edition with 3 tuners
Placeshifting – your media everywhere
HighPad Media Control – PDA Remote for Windows Media Center
Still in list-mode: the Media Center Blogs
Apple Media Center – At last!
Converting DVR-MS files from your media center
How to program the buttons on your MCE Remote
Webcam screensaver for your media center
Recommended HTPC hardware
Some notes on signal quality in a home theatre PC (HTPC)

…or you can take a break and have a look at a lot of other popular articles!

Home Theatre PC Links Roundup

13 thoughts on “Home Theatre PC Links Roundup

  1. Yahoo has released a beta of Yahoo Go TV, but only for US people. At the moment it is Meedio with a few Yahoo plugins, a new theme and renamed files 🙂

  2. This is in norwegian – sorry!

    Forstår ikke dette helt! Betyr det at tv-kortet (Hauppauge PVR500) ikke vil virke når bakkenettet er oppe å går?

    Eirik, hva har du å si til dette? Jobber bl.a. NRK for å gjøre kortet mitt ubrukelig?

  3. Today there are two ways of providing the analogue tuner in a PVR-500 with a signal.

    1. From an analogue terrestrial network
    2. From an analogue cable network

    When the analogue terrestrial network is shut down you will not be able provide your PVR-500 from an antenna on your roof anymore. If you have analogue cable you will be able to provide your PVR-500 with a signal as long as they keep distributing that analogue signal. At some point all of this will be digital and your old PVR-500 will be obsolete.

    However, you will be able to connect a digital set top box to the composite or S-video connectors on the PVR-500.

    And, it’s not the NRK that drives this progress. It’s the general technical progression that we see all over. The analogue compact cassette is obsolete. The LP is obsolete. Analogue 35 mm film for cameras is obsolite etc…

  4. Anyone having setup LinuxMCE in Norway. I hvae cabel-tv from GET (provider) and have a pc with Hauppauge PVR500 and wonder if anyone can help me with installing LinuxMCE?

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