What’s so special today then?

First of all, it’s my birthday. A friend of mine just told me that I had to post that on my blog, because otherwise nobody would know… (hmm, time to get a life?) Well – now you know!

Second, today eirikso.com will pass 400 000 pageloads since I installed Statcounter.

Third, over the past couple of days I have upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and done some small changes to the site:
– added a new “About this site” page with links to all the WordPress plugins I use and a couple of other things
– added a “popular content” page with links to… popular content.
– added an RSS and subscriptions page with all the links you need to subscribe to this blog in any RSS reader or by mail

…and a couple of other small changes.

Have fun and please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions for the site, the content, a way to celebrate my birthday or whatever… Comments are open.

What’s so special today then?

8 thoughts on “What’s so special today then?

  1. Happy birthday to yooooou!

    When it comes to your plugins I’d like to know more about how you do it with the top-image? Have read it in the WordPress documentation, but have not tried it yet. Is it easy?

    Also I’d like to know more about how to manage the side bar. Any ideas?

    I’ll hunt down your web-stats if you tell me how to install a counter – ok? 😉

    Have a nice birthday! and keep up the good work!

  2. The top image is random and works like this:

    I have a folder on my server with all the images:

    Then I put a little PHP-script in that folder together with the images. This is the script:

    Save it to your computer and rename it to random.php

    If you call that script it will output a random image from that folder. Try this adress and hit refresh a couple of times:

    Now, where you otherwise would put a link to a top image you put a link to random.php. For me it is in the file called header.php:

    #header { background: url("https://eirikso.com/wp-content/random-banner/random.php") no-repeat bottom center; }

    For the statistics I can recommend statcounter.com. Register and get the small script that you have to place on your site. For a WP-blog it is enough to place the statcounter script in the header file as well.

    Statcounter will track the last 100 visitors to your site. For better tracking I also use Google Analytics and Mint.

    I have now added this info to the “About this site” page

  3. Oyvind,
    thanks again. And thank you for noting me about this article in Dagbladet. I just made a little collection of links for the folks coming over here for all that nice information about home theatre PCs…

    PS. And as far as I can remember you had something to celebrate yesterday yourself? 🙂

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