Free games for your media center

KMS Software has a nice little package of games available as a free download on their site:

* Solitaire: A game of strategy
* Memory Game: Find the matching pairs
* Sliding Puzzle: Piece together your favourite photos
* 4 in a Row: Be first to get four counters in a row

Download them here.

As far as I know they are only working for Windows Media Center Edition.

Free games for your media center

8 thoughts on “Free games for your media center

  1. Connect the HTPC to a high resolution LCD. Add a mouse and a keyboard. Move a little closer to the screen. But hey, that sounds like a regular PC… 😦

  2. Trond says:

    Thats the main problem.
    (Oh, and that I dont have anything else than my projector connected to my HTPC, so most likely just as easy to use my laptop.)

    The game is still excellent though 🙂

  3. Haven’t playd it, but after reading a bit at their site I can already tell that this game is something that I probably would get totally addicted to.

    Unfortunately I don’t have time for such addictions right now…

  4. Trond says:

    Not me neither, since I am supposed to finish my masterthesis (Delivery 1.June). Hopefully getting more time though when beginning in my first job in 10 days 🙂 (time…*dream*)

  5. No. And I think I’ll leave it with that answer. Starting a long discussion about my opinions on unions and strikes here would be wrong. 🙂

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