Presentation for Westerdals School of Communication

I just did a presentation for students at the Westerdals School of Communication. Here are a couple of links and resources.

My presentation on the future of the media industry. You find the chapters I have posted so far here:
Predicting the future
The convergence that makes things difficult
Commercials gone wild
The future of TV distribution

Some other related stuff from this site:
Volkswagen and Berlitz commercials
BMW does cool marketing
Everything you would ever want to see
The video of the seasons in Norway
And, some other popular content from this site.

Some places to start if you want to experiment with web publishing:

Register at or They provide blog hosting for free. My preference would be

Register at and publish you pictures there. It is very easy to include pictures you host on flickr in the blog that you host on WordPress or Blogger.

Register at Here you can upload videos. It is also very easy to include videos from YouTube in your blog at wordpress or blogger.

If you want complete control and want to host everything yourself. Then I can recommend setting up a page based on a full installation of WordPress through hosting at Dreamhost. They provide a one-click-install of WordPress and a full suite of advanced web publishing tools. Hosting everything there will set you back a couple of dollars a month. In other words, not completely free, but full control and a possibility to build a complete web site with blogs, galleries, forums and whatever…

Bits and bytes and RLE and DRM and flickr and blogs and…
And because I just gave you an overload of virtual, digital and technical information you might want to make a coffee, start making your own mustard or simply fly away to an amazing resturant. And, if you want pepper on that food you should know the best pepper as well. Or maybe you want to relax with a picture of some interesting ancient architecture? Who knows…

And of course feel free to contact me.

Presentation for Westerdals School of Communication

4 thoughts on “Presentation for Westerdals School of Communication

  1. Flott oppsummering! Planlegger Ã¥ lage en CV/Portfolio site, inkludert blogg. Kommer nok til Ã¥ kjøpe et større webhotell.. Tenker pÃ¥ Ã¥ legge ut videofiler i format jeg selv kan bestemme. Man har vel relativt liten kontroll pÃ¥ youtube og lignende pÃ¥ tilgjenligheten og nedlastbarhet…? Men bra uansett Ã¥ fÃ¥ disse tipsene, tror mange i klassen trengte det!

    Hilsen HÃ¥var

  2. hkarlsen:

    For a flexible and advanced solution I would recommend proper hosting where you have complete control yourself. Dreamhost gives you 20 GIG of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth for $7.95 a month…

  3. Missing link

    Here is the link to where you can download the Robbie Williams video that I used to illustrate video compression. The file includes the fantastic outtakes.

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