Record your Pandora streaming radio

With Pyrrha you can now record music from the streaming radio stations that you set up in Pandora.

You can still find the application here. (Thanks, Trevor)

The application gives you a simple interface where you log on to Pandora, select the channel you want to record and how long you want to record.

Pyrrha makes one 128 kbit MP3 of the recording and a playlist-file (PLS) with the correct song and artist names. Simple as that.

Have fun while it last.

Pyrrha used to have a page on their site with an explanation of the fact that it is legal to record your Pandora radio stations for personal use. For some reason this page has been removed. When I tried Pyrrha for the first time it was a trial, and Pyrrha had a page where you could purchase the full version.

Right now the information on the Pyrrha site is very limited and for me it seems like the version 1.0.1 of their application is a fully working free version.

I got this very good answer from Pyrrha:

Unfortunately after pursuing legal council it came to our attention that we could incur legal liability if we charged for this type of application. In light of this information we have decided to release the application for free to the community to enjoy. As a part of this release we also hope to obtain feedback from the user community with their reactions and thoughts on the legality and usefulness of such an application. If the community deems this type of application valuable we would encourage the community to email with their thoughts.

Additionally we are attempting to provide small improvements to the current application and will take into account your suggestions in regard to duration control and login credential saving. We are also looking for feedback from the community and would love submissions for feature enhancements. I must preface this however by the fact the we have chosen to not support the download of single mp3 files and consider this an abuse of the service.

We ultimately hope that our application will bring additional attention to the service and the experience it can provide users outside of the web browser. We will also attempt to reintroduce a legal disclaimer about the use of Pyrrha. One point to note is that we are attempting to distance ourselves from the moniker “podcast” because this could convey the distribution of copyright materials from the service which we obviously discourage.

Record your Pandora streaming radio

26 thoughts on “Record your Pandora streaming radio

  1. Who knows. Maybe they’ve had some more issues like this: “Unfortunately after pursuing legal council it came to our attention that we could incur legal liability if we charged for this type of application”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if some record labels hate Pyrrah….

  2. newbie says:

    just stopping back by to say it works correctly now. It was the playlist that was dropping 30 second clips. I see that all the individual songs are mashed all together in one big mp3.

  3. Dan says:

    Hmm, Pyrrha worked when I last used it a month ago when I wanted to try it out. Now when I try to login, it stays brings up the Try Again button, which remains no matter how many times I click it.

  4. Dan says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I’m pretty sure Pandora updated an hour ago, as I got the updating, “our engineers are scurring around everywhere” spiel a little while ago.

  5. Sorry, but for this one I have no clue. This page has a bit of traffic, but not huge amounts… Maybe someone will answer here, but does anyone have a link to a Pandora forum or something?

  6. Stan Michael says:

    I am trying to find the download for Pyrrha, but the server can’t seem to find Does anyone know where I can get the download? Surely somebody, somewhere has it!
    Please help!

  7. I don’t know, but for me it seems like Pyrrah is no longer under development. And, Pandora have probably done some changes so the old version of Pyrrah won’t work.

  8. Stan Michael says:

    I tried the download too, and I can’t get Pyrrha to work. I am now considering an alternate recorder. I have heard that Arial Sound Recorder works pretty well and can record streaming radio ie. Pandora. I might use it until I can find a good Pyrrha download.

  9. Jimmmytee says:

    I record pandora through garage band I play
    pandora on my iPhone hook up the headphone
    to headphone in the mic connection turn on
    garage band new track switch to hardware.
    If don’t work go to prefferences in garage and
    change the midi to a external mic.
    Turn on monitoring and enjoy

  10. chad says:

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