Human drums
Link to video.

I am of the opinion that the way we separate art from technology today is bad for creativity. And bad for engineering. And bad for problem solving. Here at Siggraph one of the great attractions each year is the art exhibition. Where art meets technology. Just like back in the good old days of guys like Leonardo da Vinci.

Human Drums
Tetsuaki Baba has made a system that turns the audience into drums. By using electro dermal activity and skin resistance he detect contact and gives the different participants different sounds.

It was truly fascinating to try out the system. You really feel like being a part of the music.

You find more information and some more videos over at Mr. Baba’s project page.

Human drums

6 thoughts on “Human drums

  1. Just so that we avoid any misconceptions: the Human Drums is a project by Mr. Tetsuaki Baba! I was only lucky enough to test it out during my visit to Siggraph… ūüôā

    My own best attempt to combine technology and something that quite a lot of people interpreted as art has to be this.

  2. Erikso, thanks for giving your readers this lens to the work of Tetsuaki Baba. His experiments with art and technology are great as is your work which I have featured on my blog, to show how people can have an edge in the business world when they work from more than one of their intelligences as you do. Thanks for quality blogging on this site!

  3. And thank you for your compliments. The art exhibition at Siggraph is a very interesting place for this kind of intersection between art and technology. I will keep an eye on projects like this and write about it when I find something interesting.

    Another very good source for stuff like this is of course We Make Money Not Art as well!

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