Eirikso.com by the numbers

Inspired by Brilliantdays I give you the eirikso traffic list. It shows the sites that have given me the largest amount of traffic over the last year. I have removed the search engines.

These are the 42 top sites that have directed traffic to eirikso.com in this period. Most hits from digg.com and so on…

Lots of very interesting sites here. Thanks to all the people in this list and to all the other ones that have linked to this site! My site gets 18% of the traffic from direct hits, 69% from referrers and 13% from searches.

And Oyvind, you know that number 42 is the best place to be…  🙂

And what are people searching for when they find my site? These are the top 20 searches:

  • WebShots
  • dvr-ms
  • media center software
  • quicktime without itunes
  • HTPC frontend
  • converting dvr-ms
  • HTPC software
  • converting dvr-ms files
  • mce software
  • free media center software
  • slimserver
  • program mce remote
  • htpc mediacenter software
  • apple media center
  • How to build a cabinet
  • htpc front end
  • media centre software
  • mce browser
  • play 3gp

And how many people visit this blog each month? So far in September 24,963 people have been here. And here are the total number of visitors for the last five months:

Aug – 31,648
Jul – 29,395
Jun – 46,967
May – 53,356
Apr – 40,226

…I lost a considerable amount of hits in this count the last time I was on the front page of digg (in July). My site went down and most of the traffic went to a mirrored page that didn’t include the counter. However, you can see the impact of digg in Alexa. Quite a bit of traffic and it would have been a lot more if my site had stayed up. Digg eventually had to remove the link from the front page.

And how much money do I make from the Google Ads on the site? According to the AdSense contract I am not allowed to tell you, but a quick estimate tells me that if I keep the growth I have now I can quit my day job in about 50 years. 🙂

So why bother with the ads? I learn a lot, it pays for the hosting and and when adding up a couple of months of AdSense cash I can afford an occasional upgrade of my computers.

Last but not least, thanks to all my readers. To the people commenting and contacting me about stuff they find here. Keep it up.

I’ll keep on posting interesting, amazing, fun, boring, stupid, difficult and strange articles… A couple of them each week. Have fun and don’t forget all the cool stuff that’s already in here.

Eirikso.com by the numbers

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