– a flash wizard’s frontend to YouTube

Paul Neave is a complete genius that have made amazing stuff like the wonderful flash based frontend for Google Maps and Windows Live Local.

He has also made a very nice frontend for YouTube, and Google Video. It’s called and it’s close to a service that you would want on your media center. Slightly better keyboard control and it would have been perfect.

As far as I understand the content is selected by Mr. Neave himself. It’s a very nice collection of good stuff from the three video sites mentioned. Including a video that I put out there a while ago…

Most media centers is capable of starting internet explorer in kiosk mode. Meaning full screen without any toolbars. Simply make a shortcut in your media center of choice that starts internet explorer at and you have yet another television channel to play around with. The command you need looks like this:

iexplore -k lets you play the videos in full screen as well. I wouldn’t recommend that if you have a big LCD. Image quality isn’t exactly what YouTube and the others are known for. And, had problems scaling correct on a 16/9 monitor:

Anyway, yet another interesting experiment from Mr. Neave. – a flash wizard’s frontend to YouTube

One thought on “ – a flash wizard’s frontend to YouTube

  1. […] Dans la foulée de sa mise à jour d’iTunes, Apple prépare sa “box”, nommée iTV, et certainement dédiée à un Front Row v2. Mais l’avenir passe-t-il réellement par un hardware spécialisé ? Nous utilisons déjà massivement nos ordinateurs pour visionner Divx, DVD, trailers HD, etc. : alors quoi de plus naturel que de lancer simplement son navigateur Web favori pour profiter des flux vidéos gratuits YouTube-like ? C’est exactement ce que propose, un lecteur vidéo réalisé par le talentueux créateur du célèbre mashup FlashEarth, Paul Neave. Pour plus d’infos, voir le blog d’Eirik Solheim. […]

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