Viral Ads: It’s an Epidemic

Fortune Magazine’s Devin Leonard has a very interesting article on viral ads:

And here’s an intriguing question: Can YouTube and Google Video figure out a way to make this a business? If so, could they become the web’s equivalent of the broadcast networks?

These are the sorts of riddles that keep media moguls awake at night.

I have mentioned this before. When the internet really starts to shift the flow of money in the media industry we are up for some groundbreaking change…

(Via Micro Persuasion)

It’s already in the trackbacks for this article, but I want to make this one even more available and decided to put it up here in the article. Brilliantdays: It’s epidemic – soon your tv will have a zillion channels. Read it.

Viral Ads: It’s an Epidemic

4 thoughts on “Viral Ads: It’s an Epidemic

  1. I get’s interesting when things like iTV, proposed by Apple, are in place. Wether it will be iTV or gameconsoles, TV’s will become hooked up to the internet. TV’s will also reach resolutions such that bringing content to a TV is not that so different as bringing content to a PC. That’s possibly the moment a big shift is to be expected

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